21st century holds a promise for bigger, better and brighter future. Scope for growth is tremendous and can be attributed to the technological awakening witnessed world over. Our institution provides a learning environment that is adaptable and flexible, facilitating potential changes in the higher education pattern. The learning environment is also used as a strategic tool to help them excel. This is done with an objective to support the new learning paradigm that provides learning for students in a manner most suited for them. I am extremely pleased and honored to be the Principal of this Prestigious Institute. This is a challenging task but with the support of our dedicated management and committed staff. I am certain that we will be able to achieve high standards of excellence and academic standards. We have been fortunate to secure a marvelous strong teaching faculty that is well experienced and open to new and innovative ideas. Our mission is to create an equal opportunity for all students for their intellectual, spiritual, emotional cultural and physical development in order to grow up as the best of medical / dental practitioners. I am sure you will make the best use of the programmed offered, facilities provided and opportunities created here, in your interest.