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As per the direction of Supreme Court of India / UGC, the institute has formed the following Anti-ragging committees and squads as follows:-

Anti-ragging Committee:

Dr. Sachin Passi – 9814007222
Dr. Nandini Passi – 9814624341
Dr. Amit Garg – 9876120546
Dr. Vinod Rattan – 9872207059
Dr. Amol Bansal – 8968843366
Dr.Rupinder Kaur – 9915322711

3. Anti-ragging Counselors:

Dr. Monica Arora – 8283813108
Dr. Preeti Bansal – 981490342
Dr. Nisha Garg – 9999341271
Dr. Renu data – 9872887066
Dr. Rupinder Kaur – 9915322711


1.Cancellation of ADMISSION
2.Withdrawn of Scholarship
3.Deprivation from attending in Examination
4.Debarring from representing in any national / International event
5.Debarring from appearing in campus interviews
6.Expulsion from Hostel
7.Fine up to Rs. 10,000/- or worst handing over to Police

Anti-ragging Squads:

Dr. Rahul Kashyap – 9311134491
Dr. Rashmi Chhibber – 9876892171
Dr. Rajneesh Kumar – 9466185222
Dr. Amrik Singh – 9888239696
Dr. Vibhuti Sharma – 9888044590
Dr. Brajesh Sharma – 9876260137
Dr. Manu Yadav – 9988476543

In Case of Emergency, the following person’s can be contacted:-

1.Dr. Sachin Passi – 9814007222
2.Dr. Nandini Passi — 9814624341
3.Dr. Vinod Rattan — 9872207059
4.Dr. Vibhuti Sharma — 9888044590
5.Dr. Brajesh Sharma — 9876260137


To ask the Fresher for Introduction

1.Asking the fresher to do any cultural activity (Sing, dance………etc)
2.Addressing a senior Sir/Madam
3.Copying notes for seniors
4.Force to drink alcohol or any other kind of Drugs……etc.
5.To Force the fresher to wear the particular type of dress
6.To make any Physical or mental harassment to fresher