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Hostel is compulsory for all students except those whose parents are residing in tricity.

The residents of the hostel are required to follow the following rules strictly:

  1. Parents/Visitors are permitted to meet their wards after college hours only unless there in emergency.
  2. No student will be absent from the hostel without prior written permission of the hostel warden/principal on the basis of which the warden will allow the student to go, failing which the entire responsibility will be of the hosteller or parent concerned.
  3. All lights/fans and ACS must be switched off while leaving the room, otherwise suitable fine will be imposed.
  4. No electric stoves, room heaters or any other electric appliance of heavy consumption will be allowed, however these will be permitted for special room students.
  5. Illness must be reported to the warden by the student concerned at once.
  6. Student can go for an outing after college hours thrice a week and must make entry in the registers about departure and arrival time. Girls must return before 7:30 pm (Summer), 6:30 pm (Winter) & boys before 10.00 pm (Summer), 8:30 pm (Winter).
  7. Ragging is a crime, anybody found ragging will be dealt according to university rules & guidelines by other statutory bodies.
  8. Students are supposed to take meals in the mess and not in their rooms.
  9. Students will be responsible for any loss or damage to the electrical fittings, furniture or any other hostel property in their rooms.
  10.  Playing of high volume music is prohibited. If any student is found violating the rule suitable action will be taken in the kind of fines etc.
  11. Each student is responsible for cleanliness and good up-keep of the room.
  12. No narcotics/drugs/smoking and alcohol is allowed to be consumed in the hostel or outside the hostel. Any student found in intoxicated condition will not be allowed to enter the hostel and suitable action will be taken.
  13. Television will be switched off at 10:00 pm sharp.
    Daily attendance will be taken in the mess at 7.00 am and 7.25 pm. Hostellers will report to the hostel warden personally for their attendance.
  14. Students who are an medication for long term or with any severe allergic condition must inform the authorities at the time of admission.