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As per the current orders of the Hon’ble Supreme court of India, Ragging in any form is strictly forbidden. The admitting medical or dental institution shall keep intense watch upon students who have a negative approach in this regard. An annual self undertaking signed by each student and his/her parents jointly stating that if the ward has been found guilty he/she be proceeded against, shall be procured.
Ragging in any form constitutes a criminal offense. A student indulging in ragging can be:
A. Expelled from the Institution
B. Banned from the Hostel or mess
C. Debarred from examination
D. Denied admission to any institution
E. Prosecuted for criminal action
F. Lodging of FIR with local police and fine imposed against those who RAG/ABET ragging.
The aggrieved students are free to report any incidence of ragging to any member of the anti-ragging committee.
Dr. Sachin Passi (Principal)
Dr. Nandini Passi (Dean, Academics)
Dr. Vinod Rattan (Professor)
Dr. Monica Arora (Professor)
Dr. Ritika Jaiswal (Reader)